Bulgarian animator Svilen Dimitrov was born 1980 in Varna, Bulgaria. He started drawing at the tender age of 5 and completed his first animated short at 11.
In 1998 his obsession with the moving image led him to the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Krustyo Sarafov". He started studying Direction of animated films and soon became known for his offbeat short films, influenced by directors as diverse as Tim Burton, Walt Disney Pictures and David Lynch.
In 2004 Svilen Dimitrov created several minutes of animation for the Oscar-nominated documentary "Super Size Me". He also starred in and directed many commercials for clients like "Nestle", "Bulgarian Telecom Company", and many others.
"The Air Ace"(2007), Svilen Dimitrov's graduation film, has been shown on many festivals around the world and became a critical darling, garnering eleven awards. This touching short tells the story of a lovable frog that fell in love with flying. "The Air Ace" has been selected in the "Generation" section of Berlinale 2008.
Today Svilen Dimitrov divides his time between his films and his beautiful daughter Alice, named after the eponymous heroine of the Lewis Carroll novels.

Jordan Todorov


2021 – Shell in Love (animation, short) / director, scriptwriter, animation

2014 – The Magical Cake of Auntie Bantie (animation, short) / co-director, animation

2011 – REW DAY (animation, short) / director, scriptwriter, animation

2011 – Dad Made Dirty Movies (documentary) / animation

2011 – LOVE.NET (feature) / visual effects

2008 – Zift / special effects

2007 – the AIR ACE / direction

2004 - Super size me- nomination “Oscar” / animation

2004 – Motivation / direction

2004 – Deranged / direction

2003 – Vascular / direction

2002 - The long walk / direction

2002 – Badinerie / animation

2000 - Malkoto Anche / animation

1999 - the HEDGEHOG a Svilen Dimitrov series / direction

1999 – Bezumie /direction, cast

1999 - Teoria na otnositelnostta / direction

1998 – Klopka / direction

1991 - Pupy the dog / direction